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Automatic Parking Barriers & Parking Savers

Our elegantly designed automatic parking barriers and access barriers (Call +971 55 743 1429) and our nearly indestructible can help with parking and access problems that may be a serious challenge for businesses and even in some residential areas. If you want to make sure you can always park where and when you need to, Parking Saver may have the answer.

All of our barriers offer fantastic performance, smooth, fast movement, and have been tested to guarantee that they can handle acceptable use. Access barriers and parking barriers are a terrific added security element, ensuring that only authorized workers and visitors may enter your facilities. Our parking barriers are dependable, elegant, and professional-looking in addition to being carefully designed with their exposure to the elements in mind.

Our parking saver, which has a durable design built to withstand impact, can be fastened in place for a more specific application, conserving your space constantly. Your parking saver will continue to guard your space for up to 4 months even in the absence of light thanks to an integrated solar panel and remarkable power storage capabilities.

  • A power supply of 24 Vdc.
  • The solar power technique used by Sun Power is compatible with this article.
  • The system has an encoder for precise and safe operation.
  • Slow system during opening and closing.
  • Oil bath apparatus.
  • Hydraulic apparatus.
  • Extended Use
  • Commercial Use
Parking Management Systems

Operation of the Entrance – When a vehicle, such as a car, bus, or other vehicles, enters the loop, the entrance system is ready to issue a paper ticket (or an EM card). When the button for the paper ticket (or EM card) dispenser is pressed, the paper ticket (or EM card) is released. The speaker and LED display turn on, the entrance boom barrier opens, and a picture of the car is taken. The Boom Barrier closes when the Vehicle exits the Loop and is detected by the Loop detector.

Exit Operation – The Loop Detector detects the readiness of the Vehicle & Exit System when the Vehicle reaches the Loop at the Exit gate. The boom barrier at the exit gate opens after the system operator prints the parking fee bill and scans the paper ticket (or EM Card) with a scanner or card reader while seated at a PC in the management center.

The computer screen then displays the type of vehicle, its photo, the number of parking fees, and requests that the operator takes a picture of the vehicle and parking fees. When a vehicle exits a loop, a loop detector detects it and closes the boom barrier.

Applications: Any location where parking payments need to be collected, including houses, workplaces, hospitals, etc.