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You need to look no further than BFT Gate Barrier Dubai systems Call +971557431429 if external security is your main priority.

The best parking barrier Gates for small and medium-sized industrial locations are those made by BFT. Our industrial gates protect the security of your property while offering the convenience of automatic operation. For regulated physical access to parking, areas, and specifically secured zones, MASTER TECHNOVISION UAE offers a variety of gate barriers. We offer a variety of height restrictors, manual arm barriers, and automobile parking barriers to businesses, government agencies, construction companies, local governments, hospitals, schools, and private individuals. Master Technovision offers the best parking barriers in Dubai.

In the UAE and the Middle East, MASTER TECHNOVISION Dubai is a top supplier of boom gates and autonomous security gate systems. Our website is here to help you choose the best security gate to protect your property from intrusive vehicles.

Parking Gate barriers / Boom gates for the best price

  • Boom gates can also be installed to control foot traffic. We can provide top quality and highly durable car park boom gates for your commercial properties located in UAE, the Middle East, and Africa.
  • Boom gates are extremely useful as security tools and they greatly enhance the security level of your property. We offer top-notch boom gate goods, as well as installation and post-sale services.
  • From a basic Boom Gate and Proximity Card access with 50 users to a comprehensive car park management system involving payment systems and invoicing administration, BFT Parking Systems can customize an access control solution to meet your needs.

Trusted gate barrier suppliers in Dubai, UAE.

MASTER TECHNOVISION Dubai provides more than just speed gates, barriers, and turnstiles. We defend properties all across the city and throughout the region as one of the industry leaders in the Middle East and Africa, making cost-efficient security and access control solutions available to all kinds of businesses. We are based in Dubai and provide goods that are well-known in the security sector for being of the finest quality access control devices, road blocks, and security gate barriers.

For any application, we provide a broad selection of security gate and access control systems. Please get in touch with us for obligation-free advice on the best security gate or vehicle access control solution for your property. So call MASTER TECHNOVISION LLC, the leading supplier of gate solutions in Dubai, right away. We work with parking gate barriers from BFT that are among the best available.

Our automatic gate barriers offer long working lives with great security and safety features, whether you’re seeking for barrier systems to control small to medium-sized private areas or considerably bigger industrial regions.

Electric Automated Sliding Gates and Barriers

Vehicle gate/barrier entry systems that automatically open and close the gate/barrier once a vehicle passes through are controlled by a radio fob transmitter. There are several ways to leave the site through our gates and barriers, from the open exit, which is initiated by a ground loop buried in the road, to fully regulated permission to exit, which is managed by your security system.

Our crew has received the best training available. We assist our clients with ongoing maintenance, technical assistance, and gate barrier system selection. We work with parking barriers from BFT, FAAC, CAME, and NICE. With ticketing and an automated parking system, MASTER TECHNOVISION Dubai offers a complete end-to-end parking solution.