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Gate Automation Dubai products created to suit smart building specifications. For details call +971 55 743 1429

For gate automation and management, Dubai Garage Doors Systems provides cutting-edge manufacturers’ smart operators for vehicle access control. We provide high-performance gate operators that can move enormous gates, meet the strictest safety standards, and are durable.

Our gate operators from RIB and FAAC are appropriate for a range of applications, including those for commercial buildings, big industrial zones, and residential units. In addition to heavy-duty installations at factories and warehouses, Dubai Garage Doors also provides operators for smaller installations such as gates, shutters, and up-and-over doors. RIB and FAAC are the top brands we sell in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The majority of our products feature sensors for automatic opening and closing or remote control operation.

With gate automation devices from Garage Doors, prevent unwanted entry to your premises.

Gate operators from RIB and FAAC are provided by Dubai Garage Doors Systems for both large industrial entrance points and modest residential entry points. The gate operators that Dubai Garage Doors offers are built to be used frequently and quickly. They adhere to the strictest safety regulations set forth by European and global standards. Some of the most potent gate operators include integrated sliding and swing gate control units and can operate gates weighing up to 12 tons. Our gate automation Dubai systems are strong, resilient, and intelligent, making them ideal for residential and commercial applications. We provide these products and solutions in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Both garage doors and sunshades can be automated with effective shutter systems from Dubai Garage Doors, making them useful for both indoor and outdoor applications. These goods are produced using the finest quality materials and are performance tested. Our rolling shutter operators by RIB provide the longest lifespan, greatest energy efficiency, and simplicity of usage.

Those in charge of rolling shutters

Our garage door automation solutions are created to offer end customers the highest level of safety. For use in homes, businesses, and condominiums, Dubai Garage Doors Systems offers automation systems for sectional garage doors and tilting/up-and-over garage doors. Our garage door automation systems are simple to install and suited for frequent usage.