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Swing Gate Openers also known as BFT slide gate operator or slide gate motor, is a powerful slide gate operator.

UAE’s #1 Bft Sliding Gate OpenersĀ 

Swing Gate Openers BFT ICARO, (Call +971 55 743 1429) also known as a BFT slide gate operator or BFT slide gate motor, is a powerful slide gate operator for commercial use. It comes with a control board, receiver, and the option for a pinion, which would enable it to operate gates weighing up to 4400 pounds and measuring 65 feet. 36 feet per minute of movement.

UAE’s #1 Bft Swing Motors

Shop, find, and browse a variety of BFT Swing Gate Operators, Swing Gate Openers, and Swing Gate Motor goods.

UAE’s #1 Came Sliding Motor

Through improved command electronics that are best suited to the various requirements of apartment buildings and residences, the Bx series conforms to statutory criteria. Customized options are available for Swing Gate Openers 230v versions all the way up to low tension, high-use options.

UAE’s #1 Came Swing Motors

The ideal answer for heavier-winged automated sliding gates and doors (up to 800 kg). Based on various criteria for operation, security, and installation, the BX series offers a variety of alternatives for automation. From the entry-level model, appropriate for individual houses, to the ones with a 24V power supply for heavy use of Swing Gate Openers doors in condominiums, small

UAE’s #1 Beninca Sliding Motors

Electric mechanical geared sliding gate motor for homes and businesses. 24Vdc BULL 624ESA Domestic Use Sliding Gate Motor for Gates Up to 600KG 24Vdc BULL 1024ESA Large Domestic / Light Commercial Use Sliding Gate Motor for Gates Up to 1000KG BULLS 8OM 230V Sliding gate motor with oil bath for gates up to 800 kg for heavy-duty domestic or light-duty commercial use.

UAE’s #1 Beninca Sliding Motor Kit

Motors for automatic gates with openings up to 3.75 meters. A solution that fits well into different installation circumstances has soft contours and rounded edges.

UAE’s #1 Beninca Swing Motor

Irreversible, electromechanical, telescopic post-mounted ram. The BILL post-mounted ram is the ideal telescopic ram for beginners. The HEADY control panel is included in all of our BILL kits as standard equipment. You can upgrade to the BRAINY control panel with all features. Below are some comparable goods. For further product information, see the docs tab. 230Vac Telescopic Ram for BILL30M.

Post-mounted, irreversible, worm drive electromechanical ram with built-in stops. Our most well-liked product is the BOB line of post-mounted electromechanical gate operators. All of your needs Swing Gate Openers are covered with BOB21, BOB30, and BOB50. Below are some comparable goods. For further product information, see the docs tab.